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The Spirit Power of Animals

Sophie believes It is true how we have overlooked how similar we are in our characteristics of nature as human beings compared to the spiritual symbolism animals carry. 

It was in 2003 after the birth of her son George Sophie first started to read the gifts that animals share with our human psyche to friends and family.

Sophie honours and shares this ancient wisdom in the form of a sacred divination reading.

Using her self made tools. A deck of imagery that show forty four animals.

Sophie shares the medicine gifts of Power that the animals share with us.

Sophie can do this with her client participating by picking cards.

This reading works powerfully both remotely and in person.


Honouring the belief that the animals have been with us since birth and are our Power Animals.

Sophie channels during the reading with her capability to understand and heal any unbalanced energy which is where her clients learn the most.

It is  by understanding the good, the bad and sometimes a little bit of ugly the Power medicine of that animal and how it connects to the character of our own, do we begin to understand why we are the way we are and how we can re -attune with the gifts that teach us to celebrate our light and shadow sides.


During the reading Sophie goes into the traits of the animal as she can see whether this is balanced or unbalanced energetically within the person. 

The way that Sophie uses her own gifts for this reading never fail to be accurate which gives the client so much comfort.

Sophie opens a door of consciousness creating a strong metaphysical relationship that becomes created between the client and the Power Animals, which ironically has always been there.


The gifts received through the connection of the Power Animal and the person are very deep and are never forgotten by the listener of the reading.

The Power Animals are to be called upon in times of need,  as inspiration can be pulled from its power for inner strength.

Power Animals choose to unite with the individual normally at the beginning of their life’s journey which is different to a Spirit Animal which has a slightly different symbolism. 

Spirit  Animals often come to us in our dreams with a message for us to receive. One is advised to look and listen carefully in order to understand the guidance.

Sophie’s self made deck of forty four animals consists of photography that she has taken herself. 


Please note that if you did not want to have this type of Animal Power reading then Sophie will also read using natural objects such as shivas eyes, stones and egg shells for example.

This is possible as a channel, as the tool used does n't make a difference to the message that is received.

Information does n't hesitate to come through, Sophie can work with various tools.


Feel inspired to know what is happening on a sub conscious and conscious level?

Book Now to reserve some time to be guided by Sophie.      

Sessions are sixty to ninety minutes long.


Heidi Kadlacova 


Yesterday I had a beautiful and very interesting animal spirit reading with Sophie Akkineni. I learned so much about myself and her observations were very accurate during the reading. 

I highly recommend Sophie for both reiki and readings and other healing sessions. I loved my reading with her and have done both reiki level 1 with her as well as a reiki healing. 






Amanda, Colorado

Hello! I feel the need to share my incredible experience. I had an animal medicine wheel reading done by Sophie Akkineni and to be honest I totally underestimated the power of this reading. 

The reading brought to me clarity, self assurance and direction and the synchronicities following have been ever present and continue to guide me.

My learning and guidance of the reading continues. Sophie is an amazing facilitator!! I highly recommend a reading from her if you are able. Love to all!! 


Lisa Driver, MI

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