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Pre and Postnatal Yoga Classes

Yoga is beneficial to all ages enhancing quality of life.
Women who practice before, during and after pregnancy will reap the benefits of this ancient practice.

By doing an hour of yoga a day the body becomes very supple which is important for relieving and easing tension in all areas, especially in the pelvic region if you are in pregnancy.

Pelvic flexibility leads you to have the confidence and inner power to give birth naturally.

Specific Pranayamas practiced during the classes give you the tools to help you breathe deeply and relax consciously, helping you to face all sorts of demands that can arise during your pregnancy especially helping you face the demands of natural childbirth. 

​Yoga is so important to help alleviate common symptoms that can be present during pregnancy such as morning sickness, swollen ankles, constipation and fluctuating hormonal mood swings.

Healing Soul Flower Yoga will support you through the challenging milestones of your pre and post natal journey ensuring you are able to adapt and enjoy life to its full potential.
Classes are designed to educate about the physiology of the body as it goes through pre and post natal changes, enabling you to understand how to get the very best benefits from your body and your yoga practice.
Bespoke classes are available for you.

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Preconception Yoga

Sophie’s Preconception classes are designed to tune your mind & body with a focus on lifestyle.

Preparing you to get healthy and fit. Sophie gifts with wisdom on lifestyle planning so that changes happen.Welcoming the desired new chapter of your life.

Tap into your inner source consciousness enabling you to come into alignment to be the MAMA you want to be.


Prenatal Yoga

Being pregnant is a beautiful rite of passage and Sophie’s Prenatal Yoga classes will definitely encourage you to be calm along with giving you the tools to breathe through the dynamic physical changes your body makes. 

By practicing yoga daily during your pregnancy there are numerous benefits that are totally accessible as you experience positive physical and mental transformation giving you the power to succeed.


Postnatal Yoga

Once you are ready to get back on the matt Sophie's teaching style will help you regain confidence in no time.

Sophie's Postpartum Yoga class will help you regain core strength and flexibility enabling you to feel energised and ready for your demanding day.

These classes are a must to avoid the baby blues. 

Sophie shares lots of supportive tips creating Joy for the new MAMA.

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