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Celebrating children to be themselves!
Play and Story telling is the healing language of children

By listening and understanding the communication of the next generation we can empower them with the skills they are going to need as they go through their childhood.. 

When we are able to listen and tune in properly to what children are saying we are able to support them in their needs with the right tools to navigate through life with confidence. ​


Health, diet and exercise are crucial parts of this process however its through play and getting creative with arts, crafts and story telling that we are really able to speak the language of our children giving them freedom of expression.


Sensitive children can be misunderstood as they see and hear things so differently. Some are very connected to an ethereal world that we as adults have forgotten and have become desensitized to.


Discover how you can help support your child with gentle energetic coaching to help keep them grounded and protected in a fast moving world where external influences and stresses are high.

Contact Sophie for a free consultation to discuss any questions you may have and how gentle energy medicine may help you and your family.

Dear Parents

Please note that all energy medicine sessions are only viable with consent from the child. Parental consultations are required to discuss a plan.Sometimes a series of sessions may take place over weeks or months. Every case is different. If a child is suffering from any trauma, a consultation is always required prior to any energy session.  In some cases energy work is carried out while the child is sleeping and this will be discussed previously in a consultation with parents/ caregivers.


Reiki for children

Yoga for Children

Decoupling (Fight & Flight Reset)

Soul Retrieval



Guiding parents and their children to be the very best version of themselves.

School Workshops

ORBS- 7 Week Educational Workshop designed for Schools
This workshop is suitable for children aged eight years upwards. ORBS is a fictional story that illustrates how we came to have chakras and how they help us function with balance and ease. The workshop covers the following titles which relate to the chakras and the function of each chakra :
1. Understanding Yourself
2. Celebrating Yourself
3. Sharing Yourself
4. Loving yourself
5. The Power of Words
6. Inspiring Yourself
7. Peace & Unity

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