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Thank you for the Love

Sophie is an extremely caring and loving person.

She made me feel safe and held during the healing sessions. I found the information that came out of the Soul Retrieval to be very symbolic and I found it very insightful as to ways I can integrate more aspects of myself and see myself more clearly.

Sophie is very warm and skillful in her healing abilities.

I could feel so much in my body despite not being in the same physical space as her and would know and feel what area of my body she was working on.

I really recommend experiencing a series of sessions with her.

Anna Crock - Perth, Australia 2021

There's something so comforting and reassuring about Sophie's energy.

It's instantly relaxing - I am able to go into a deep state of peace in a session with Sophie which leads to profound shifts.

Sophie brings so much wisdom to her sessions.I feel held, supported and nourished in my sessions with her, and I always come away with insights that continue to play a significant role in my life months later.

Tamsin Bradshaw Singapore.

After my healing sessions, I  now have a sense of inner peace and calm, due to the dissipation of negative and not required thought patterns.

My focus is now on the future and the joy it will bring.

This feeling of mental revitalisation is a must for everyone!!

Paddy, UK

Sophie is amazing at walking you through the soul retrieval and making you feel supported through each stage. I felt loved and supported through the whole process and it was an amazing journey.

Callie Metler Texas. 

Sophie is very instinctive and seemed to know immediately what I needed.The session was relaxing and I felt safe as she held space for me.

During the session as Sophie unblocked the energies two of my guardian angels made me feel and reminded me that I am very protected.After the session I felt a sense of lightness something had definately shifted also felt peace & calm - this has stayed with me a few months later.

Debbie Bhowmik, Uk

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