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           Energy Medicine Coaching
Decoupling - Fight or Flight Reset
Cord Cutting & Energetic Attachments 
Humans are the only mammals that do not have the ability to reset their inner fight or flight mechanism automatically.
A decoupling session resets your fight and flight and is

a great introduction into the power of shamanic energy medicine.

Sophie will guide you to feel your heart beat and coach your breath to get into a relaxing rhythm that will create inner peace and calm resetting your sympathetic nervous system.

Synchronization of the mind, body and soul is what happens within a decoupling as Sophie balances  your heart, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

This healing enables you to release any anxious tensions that have been built up over time from getting into the states of flight or fight.

Sophie's gentle and soothing approach to holding you in sacred space resetting the inner fight, flight or freeze will have you feeling more balanced, rested and clear.

This session helps all ages and anyone who has experienced all levels of fear that the human psyche can experience.

It is possible to be unhealthily energetically connected to people, places and things.
This in can be problematic to the energy field as it can be responsible for draining away vital energy.
A cord cutting session is an energy session that finds the root of any cords and where they are anchored.
Cutting unhealthy cords with a vibration of love enables one to step back into their own power creating new healthy boundaries.
Suitable for Adults & Children.

For Kids - Please refer to energy medicine for children page.

 Extraction of Intrusive Energies & Entities   

Did you know that crystallised energy will embed itself into the physical body? and an intrusive energy will embed itself within the central nervous system!

For this session Sophie puts aside an hour.

Psychological and physical problems can be caused or exacerbated by energies and entities, including anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms. 

Once the intrusive entity is set free, the client can more readily change his behavior and often experiences spontaneous healing.

Crystals—the most stable structures in nature — are ideal for extracting intrusive energies and entities. They are transducers, meaning they can convert one kind of energy into another.

Sophie uses a seven sided Vogel crystal for this specialist work.

Please note that before this session an illumination should have been performed previously.

Sophie will firstly muscle test to understand what's going on with the clients luminous energy field. This serves as a standard starting point.   

Then she will proceed to run energy prior to any extraction by dislodging the energy that is not conducive to her clients well being.


This process always creates a feeling of Deep Inner peace for the client.

Sophie later guides the spirit back home so that it finally rests in peace.

Soul Retrieval     90 Minutes
Destiny Retrieval     60 Minutes

Did you know that with guidance you have the power to create and change a new destiny for yourself?

This energy session goes deep into the soul to track events that have not yet happened and enables the highest outcome.

House Clearing
Price & Time Upon Application

Did you know that over time energy can build up in the living space of homes and can add and contribute to stagnant dense atmospheres?

This energy session is vital for those that are sensitive to energy and want to clean out any blocked chi that has manifested after fear sadness or anger.  

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