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About Sophie

Born 11.11 of mixed european and Irish ethnicity. I am a clairvoyant channel and intuitive healer. I am trained and highly experienced in several fields of alternative medicine. My personal healing journey started in 2003 when my first child George was born.

Over time I redefined my goals until my part time healing work became my full time passion.


I have a lot of experience working with children of all ages in Schools, Summer Camps, Festivals and Art Clubs empowering kids to find confidence and courage, to get inspired to have free creative license, to experiment, and be happy through getting creative with Arts and Crafts.  


As a healer I am guided and informed by my love for life, family, friends, nature, animals, good food, good books, comedy, music, art, and design.

My work focuses on guiding clients of all ages to help bring back their inner equilibrium, enabling them to believe in themselves so they can achieve their highest potential and dream their biggest dreams. 


I work face-to-face and remotely.


Master /Teacher Tibetan Usui Reiki

Registered Practitioner Original Bach Flowers

Certified Energy Medicine Coach Four Winds Society Light Body School (300 Hours Core Training)

Certified Yoga Teacher (200 Hours) / Certified Pre & Post Natal Yoga (50 Hours)

Certified Doula - Dona International

Sophie Akkineni B.F.R.P
Certified Usui Master Reiki/Teacher

B.F.R.P (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner)

DONA International Certified Doula

Certified Energy Medicine Coach (Four Winds Society)

200 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher - World Yoga Organisation

50 Hours Certified Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher - World Yoga Organisation

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